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Accountants in Cumbernauld

FBD Consultancy (Scotland) Ltd
At FBD we're proud to be different. We exist to add value to you and your business based on helping our clients add value to their business and personal finances, by offering simple advice and solutions that actually work for them in practice.

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Interior Decorating Photographs in Cumbernauld

Wall Art
Wall art suitable for interior design and office receptions, available online and shipped to Cumbernauld. Printed to order on canvas, acrylic and other surfaces with 30 day guarantee.

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Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies in Cumbernauld

Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies
Zoro makes it quick and easy for all industries, professions and trades to get the tools and equipment they need.Zoro's extensive range of over 100,000 products includes everything from power tools and chemicals to personal protective equipment, from all the leading brands, with many items available for next day delivery to Cumbernauld.

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About Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld's history stretches at least to Roman times, as Westerwood was a Roman fort on the Antonine Wall, the furthest and most northerly boundary of the Roman Empire. One of the most discussed Roman finds from Cumbernauld is a sandstone slab depicting Triton and a naked, kneeling captive. It was found on a farm at Arniebog (between the runway of Cumbernauld Airport and Westerwood Golf Course). The slab can now be viewed at the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow along with an uninscribed altar from Arniebog and other artefacts like the inscribed altar, and statuette found at Castlecary and an older copy of the Bridgeness Slab. In addition to these, an altarstone to Silvanus and the Sky dedicated by a centurion named Verecundus and his wife has been found. Cumbernauld also has the only Roman altar still in the open air in Scotland: the Carrick Stone.[20][21] The stone has also been linked with Robert Bruce, being the place where he reportedly set up his standard on his way to Bannockburn.[22] There is a some evidence that coffins were laid on top of the stone on their way to the cemetery in Kirkintilloch[23] and that the stone has been somewhat worn away.[24]

Cumbernauld's name probably comes from the Gaelic comar nan allt, meaning "meeting of the waters". There are differing views as to the etymology[25] of this. One theory is that from its high point in the Central Belt, its streams flow both west to the River Clyde and east to the Firth of Forth so Cumbernauld's name is about it being on a watershed. Another theory ascribes the name to the meeting point of the Red Burn and Bog Stank streams within Cumbernauld Glen. 'Cumbernauld' is generally considered to be a Gaelic name. However, early forms containing Cumyr- hint at a Cumbric predecessor derived from *cömber, 'confluence' (c.f Welsh cymer, 'confluence'),[26] synonymous with Aber. This seems to be suffixed with Cumbric *-ïn-alt, a topographical suffix perhaps referring to a hill or slope (Welsh yn allt, 'at a hill').

The above introduction to Cumbernauld uses material from the Wikipedia article 'Cumbernauld' and is used under licence.

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