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Griffiths Marshall
We are an independent firm of accountants who cover the whole of Gloucestershire and further afield from our offices in the centre of Gloucester, as well as offices in Lydney and Mitcheldean.

Pitt Godden & Taylor LLP
We focus on small and medium enterprises, whilst still giving the bigger firms' outlooks and services. The practice is based upon an enthusiastic team of young professionals with a wide range of interests and skills.

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Financial Advice

Abacus Associates Financial Services Ltd
Abacus Associates Financial Services Limited is a well established firm of Independent Financial Advisers who specialise in personal financial planning.

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Gloucester Local Authority

Gloucester City Council
Website and contact details for Gloucester City Council local authority.

Gloucestershire County Council
Website and contact details for Gloucestershire County Council local authority.

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Interior Decorating Photographs in Gloucester

Wall Art
Wall art suitable for interior design and office receptions, available online and shipped to Gloucester. Printed to order on canvas, acrylic and other surfaces with 30 day guarantee.

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About Gloucester

Gloucester was founded in AD 97 by the Romans under Emperor Nerva as Colonia Glevum Nervensis, and was granted its first charter in 1155 by King Henry II. Economically, the city is dominated by the service industries, and has strong financial, research, distribution and light industrial sectors. Historically it was prominent in the aerospace industry.

Anglo-Saxon migrants followed by their fledgling feudal structure, the Kingdom of Wessex, overturned and culturally overwhelmed the area's Romano-Celtic society and gradually Anglicised similar spoken forms to Caerloyw (roughly /kær.lɔɪuː/), Gloucester's name in modern Welsh. They likewise tended to credit the Roman fortification for which they would use any variants of the term -cester/chester/caster instead of Caer. Caerloyw is: caer (meaning fort, stronghold or castle) and loyw, a lenition of gloyw as it would therefore early been pronounced among many speakers, means bright/shiny/glowy. The name Gloucester thus means roughly "bright fort". Medieval orthographies include Caer Glow, Gleawecastre and Gleucestre. Pre-Roman British settlement is not confirmed by direct evidence. However, Gloucester was the Romano-British municipality of Colonia Nervia Glevensium, or Glevum, built in the reign of Nerva. Parts of the walls can be traced, and a number of remains and coins have been found, though inscriptions are scarce. In Historia Brittonum, a fabled account of the early rulers of Britain, Vortigern's grandfather, Gloiu (Gloyw Wallt Hir in Welsh, meaning "glowy long hair"), is given as the founder of Gloucester. Part of the foundations of Roman Gloucester can be seen today in Eastgate Street (near Boots), while Roman tombstones and a range of other Roman artefacts can be seen in Gloucester City Museum.

The above introduction to Gloucester uses material from the Wikipedia article 'Gloucester' and is used under licence.

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